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Sep 29

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Sep 28


Why don’t dogs get to see the world too?

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Sep 22

Xabey also had a good time. Except when she got stuck between those two big rocks.

When I started up the first warm-up route, she jumped her front paws on the rock face and gave a discouraged sound, saying “Wait, don’t go that way, I can’t get up there myself!” It was sad and cute. She eventually figured out that I come back down.

Also, when I topped out on The Wave, she climbed up the back side of it and started breaking overgrown branches to clear the way down for me. Such a trusty dog.

I went on a bouldering trip to Leavenworth, Washington. There are lots of boulders in Leavenworth, and you don’t have to drive or hike very far for any of them. It’s no surprise that this is a boulderer’s hot spot.

  1. Welcome to Leavenworth. Get out of here, horse!
  2. The town was kind of on fire. Luckily there was no smoke in the valley where we were camping and climbing. Zoom in. There are two helicopters with water buckets hanging off of them.
  3. Classic: I took a big fall from the top of this one. I can do V3–V5 in the gym, but I couldn’t do a single V2 outside. The head game is a big part of it. When you’re up there, and you’ve only got crash pads below, it can be a bit nerve-wracking, which saps your energy. Still, I had a ton of fun.
  4. Heath topped out on this V4. Rolo gave beta from below.
  5. End of day one.
  6. That tree is tryin’.
  7. Sunny and Steep: Another V2. This one has a strong start and sharp fingers. But maybe it was because it was the second day and I was still feeling it from the day before. Before this, I got very close on a V3.
  8. On our way to the last bouldering spot, on a beach that’s inaccessible in the spring (due to glacial melt).
  9. Some other climbers taking a dip. I considered it, but the sun was already over the mountain and it just seemed cold.
  10. The Wave: I flashed this V1, which had a great flow. And a great view.

Something Happened on the Way to Heaven


The video, produced by Paul Flattery and directed by Jim Yukich of FYI, features a dog wandering around a rehearsal concert stage while Collins rehearses the song with his band. It ends with the dog peeing on bass guitarist Leland Sklar’s leg. The actual dog was a female, so it’s leg had to be rigged to simulate the male’s action of cocking its leg. It was shot in England.


Should have brought Xabe in. She’s a boss lady leg-lifter.

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Pudge flops. 

(I am not a small lady, but Pudge is an ENORMOUS DOG)

Pudge is like the size of three Xabes.

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I hate this mustache. But we have a month together, and I’m going to have the most fun possible with it.

That laugh.

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Sep 04

Anonymous said: why do black people use you in the wrong context? such is "you ugly" instead of "you're ugly" I know u guys can differentiate, it's a nuisance




you a bitch

It’s called copula deletion, or zero copula. Many languages and dialects, including Ancient Greek and Russian, delete the copula (the verb to be) when the context is obvious.

So an utterance like “you a bitch” in AAVE is not an example of a misused you, but an example of a sentence that deletes the copular verb (are), which is a perfectly valid thing to do in that dialect, just as deleting an /r/ after a vowel is a perfectly valid thing to do in an upper-class British dialect.

What’s more, it’s been shown that copula deletion occurs in AAVE exactly in those contexts where copula contraction occurs in so-called “Standard American English.” That is, the basic sentence “You are great” can become “You’re great” in SAE and “You great” in AAVE, but “I know who you are” cannot become “I know who you’re” in SAE, and according to reports, neither can you get “I know who you” in AAVE.

In other words, AAVE is a set of grammatical rules just as complex and systematic as SAE, and the widespread belief that it is not is nothing more than yet another manifestation of deeply internalized racism.

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A Dead December, by Samantha Mash.

Dream girl.


A Dead December, by Samantha Mash.

Dream girl.

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Bike Badges

Collecting these would be a great hobby for someone interested in both type and bikes.

Self proclaimed ‘bike geek’ Jeffery Conner is certainly into the latter. A professor from Michigan, USA, Jeff’s been collecting bicycle head badges since 2000, starting with just three badges, his collection grew to over 800 in just 36 months. The slightly curved badges come from all over the world and Jeff has found almost every letter of the alphabet (he was just missing Q & X according to this article

“There are symbols of freedom and speed – with wings and birds abounding – and also a debt to heraldic animals (serpents, lions and eagles, in particular), with ideas of strength and precision also conveyed in the designs.”

Last year London design agency, Carter Wong, produced a book collecting some of their favourite badges as a self-initiated project.

Imaging one of these flying in front of your trusty wheels!

Always wanted a bike with a badge.

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Aug 31


Have you heard of the mystery of the sailing stones? It’s not a Hardy Boys novel — it’s the strange phenomenon of rocks leaving zig-zagging tracks across Death Valley.

Well, they solved the mystery at last.

Image: Momatiuk - Eastcott/Corbis / Video: Jim Norris

A little bit of magic has left the world.

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You go, Lorena.


You go, Lorena.

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